Building Your Site with SEO in Mind

There are ways to build your site, and there are ways to NOT build your site.  

I sat with with esteemed SEO Consultant | Search Engine Optimization Expert named Tim Schmidt, who has been around the block (and back) doing SEO Client consulting since 2002.  This makes him one of the pioneers in SEO, and he spent some time on the phone with me to help add insight while I compiled this article.

SEO Friendly URLS

For starters, NOT all sites are created equal.  Today, you have so many factors to keep in mind when planning the overall structure of your website.  Here are some bullets you should keep in mind when you build a website.

1)  URL Structure.  

They should be search engine friendly and include the keyword in the string.

As an example, we can say that if you are trying to rank a website for “black drones,” the Url structure should look like this:

Very simple, and you’d be amazed at how many people don’t do this.

2)  Alt Text.

Another very easy thing to do, but something Tim noted many of his clients omit.  Using alt text essentially tells Google what your image is.

Google doesn’t read images, they read text.

3)  Inter-linking.

Another item that most people forget about.  When you create  page and say “Contact us for more information,” it’s always wise to link that text to the “Contact Us” page.  It’s very simple and creates a pattern of link juice that spreads throughout your website, which Google loves.

4)  Title tags.

This one MOST people “get” and do properly. However, there still exist websites whose title tag simply reads “home.”  Proper title tags do two things – they tell the visitors of your website exactly what business you are in and what you do, as well as tell them what your brand name is.

5)  No flash.

Flash is very pretty and attractive, but it’s one of the worst things you can do to your website if you want it to rank.  The flash element slows down the load of the website and is almost never compatible with mobile.  With many people moving towards mobile searches, this is absolutely necessary to avoid at all costs.

If you follow these five tips, you are on your way to creating an SEO friendly structure that your website can follow and help it really gain traction in the search engines.

Special thanks to Tim for joining me.  Ironically, on the same day we compiled this data, he was quoted in Inc Magazine!  Neat stuff.

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